What I learnt from last nights big ITV political debate is that I do not like big TV political debates. For me they are actually quite boring and offer little in any substance to the key issues. Other thoughts:

  • Clearly all leaders are very well media trained addressing cameras, audiences and referring to questioner’s names no doubt as they are told to. But for me this all comes across as fake and contrived rather than sincere.
  • Not much new to learn about policies or what might happen in a hung parliament
  • As you would expect much criticism of each others party and policies with Nick Clegg kick off the debate going straight for his ex coalition partner David Cameron

What it did tell us though is that the political landscape has changed and now more than ever minority parties have a voice and a platform and can play an active role in the running of our country. Hearing and understanding the views of minorities has to be a good thing but how it will affect running a country in a coalition will be interesting to see.

The programme should be easily accessible on catch up services etc but I have embedded the Youtube video below. For some reason ITV have not been able to start the programme at the beginning of the video so it starts at 12:22 so scroll along:

For the Youtube generation who can not watch a full 2 hours of this the BBC have some nice highlight videos just click the key video button after you click on the image below:

Summary and hight light videos on BBS
Summary and hight light videos on BBS

As the debate did not really hold my attention I did look at the tweets with the hashtag #leadersdebate and although more entertaining than the programme, with of course some funny jokes, the twitter coverage was mostly critical and cynical just like the programme. A quick embed of the top tweets below, as per the twitter algorithm and of course there were many tweets.

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