I was recently invited on to the Intervention Podcast by James Whild to chat technology and more. So when I saw the new video conferencing service Blab.im it would be a great opportunity to have another chat with James and learn more about him.

Blab.im is a new site, still in beta, that is getting a lot of attention. This may have been the reason for a rather patchy connection (or our wifi connections) but I was cut off at the end hence no proper ending but I still think well worth posting up the embed to see an example of a blab. The bits where I am looking most gormless is where I can not here or see James but it is recorded on the blab.

As well as embedding the Blab, as above, you can also download the audio and/or the video. I downloaded the audio so I could upload it to Soundcloud and embed below:

LinkedIn has started a great little campaign with a 9 minutes a day plan for getting the most from the ever popular professional social network.

To help you plan your 9 minutes a day LinkedIn has summarised all the activities which you can drag and drop on to the on screen calendar.

Linkedin Calendar

These calendar events can then be downloaded into an .ics file which can then be imported into most popular calendar programs. I have done a quick tutorial video on how to import this file into Google Calendar:

There are also a few fun videos linked to some of the activities like this one:


While at Mitch Altmans How to make cool things with Microcontrollers Workshop at the weekend I recorded quite a bit of video. I now need to cut most of this down in size and length. I have put a couple of these videos on youtube. They were taken with the incredibly inexpensive Kodak ZX1. The quality has been reduced for youtube and apologies for the hand shake that you inevitably get with these small cameras.

The first video is a great introduction from Mitch Altman and Jimmie P Rodgers explaining about hackerspaces (introduced by the great Antonio Roberts)


The second video is a great guide from Mitch Altman on how to solder properly