LinkedIn has started a great little campaign with a 9 minutes a day plan for getting the most from the ever popular professional social network.

To help you plan your 9 minutes a day LinkedIn has summarised all the activities which you can drag and drop on to the on screen calendar.

Linkedin Calendar

These calendar events can then be downloaded into an .ics file which can then be imported into most popular calendar programs. I have done a quick tutorial video on how to import this file into Google Calendar:

There are also a few fun videos linked to some of the activities like this one:


As part of the build up of the next Staffordshire Marketing Academy (Staffs MA) event Action for Business Live 3 on 30 March 2012 I have recorded a series of podcast interviews with the members of StaffsMA to find out what makes them passionate about StaffsMA and business in Staffordshire.

The podcast is available on iTunes (and other podcatchers) but all of the latest interviews are also available embedded on the individual post on UKNetcasts:

StaffsMA interview with Nicola Green at Cyberzia
StaffsMA interview with John Capper
StaffsMA interview with Caroline Law
StaffsMA interview with Damian Brittleton Revive Creative

Creative Commons License photo credit: SC Fiasco

Looking for an emailing solution for a newsletter or email campaign? MailChimp is an excellent mass mailing solution which also has a plugins for the WordPress blogging and content management system and Magento the open source e-commerce software. Links below to the two plugins: