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LinkedIn purchased Slideshare sometime ago and since then we have seen increased integration including embedding slideshares on your LinkedIn profile. This close relationships continues with this latest integration. Slideshare can now create a presentation of your LinkedIn profile. This presentation is a little different to the usual powerpoint. As well as the taller format you can also cursor down and across the presentation. As an example see mine below:

A feature that many Linkedin users do not often use (or maybe even know about) is exporting their contacts out. With more and more of us having many contacts in Linkedin the export function is a great feature not only for creating a backup of our contacts but also to transfer or update our contacts in other systems. The file can be used to update contact manager or CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Follow these simple steps to get a CSV file that you can open in a spreadsheet or text editor

1. Select your contacts list from the Linkedin Menu (once you have logged in of course):

Export Linkedin Contacts

2. Scroll Down the screen to the bottom right and click the link called ‘Export Connections’:

Export Linkedin Data

3. A list of file formats are available but the Outlook format should be fine to get the information out into a reasonable file that you can keep or import to many other systems.

Export Linkedin in to a file

LinkedIn has started a great little campaign with a 9 minutes a day plan for getting the most from the ever popular professional social network.

To help you plan your 9 minutes a day LinkedIn has summarised all the activities which you can drag and drop on to the on screen calendar.

Linkedin Calendar

These calendar events can then be downloaded into an .ics file which can then be imported into most popular calendar programs. I have done a quick tutorial video on how to import this file into Google Calendar:

There are also a few fun videos linked to some of the activities like this one: