The problem with books, for me is that more I read the more I want to read and there appears to be an unlimited supply. There are event plys of ways I can find more books to read and att to my ‘To Read List’

  • Many of the books I read recommend other books which I often add to my ‘To Read List’.
  • I often recommend books to people and they kindly recommend books back to me sometimes even multiple at a time
  • If I like an author I like to read their other books ()so I won’t start reading any of these [‘prolific authors’](”Prolific authors on wikipedia”) Note 1

One of my goals for 2015 is to read 24 books (2 a month). There are many ways I consume the written (and read word) including:

  • Paperbacks – I love books and one of the best thing about them is that your you can lend then to people and give them away
  • Kindle – I don’t read my Kindle as much as I should. It is great
  • Audiobooks – I have subscriptions to Audible and I easily consume a book or 2 a month

Managing all of the books is becoming a bit of an issue and there are some great solutions out there. The two big sites are Goodreads and Shelfari which have both been purchased by Amazon.


Goodreads has been going a long time and appears to have a great community.

Phil Oakley on Goodreads


Shelfari is by far the most visually pleasing and also has some embed options:

Phil Oakley on Shelfari

Kindle Profile

If you have a Kindle Account you will also have a Kindle Reader Profile

Phil Oakley on Amazon Kindle

Note 1:

I have read some, mainly fiction, authors in the past who have been quite prolific:
Isaac Asimov – Wrote nearly 500 books
Stephen King – 54 novels and counting plus many other writings
Iain (and M.) Banks – about 30 books before his untimely death