I am currently reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less :

One of the key ideas in the book, that I love and find challenging, is ‘Less but better’. At first this might sound strange but I am now looking for good examples of this. A great example for me is The I newspaper. Some may say that it is just a summary of The Independent but in many ways it is much more than this but as (self titled) ‘Britain’s First and Only Concise Quality Newspaper’ it is ‘Less but Better’ (in my opinion).

My one criticism of the I today is that I wish they would get their pricing sorted:

I recently attended a Chris Williams Goal Setting Workshop. Chris is famous for his goal setting (and goal getting) workshop and is truly inspiring as he definitely practices what he preaches. Loads of great ideas on the workshop that I will no doubt mention in future blog posts but one idea that really resonated with me was ‘DES’.

Chris explained how important ‘DES’ was to achieving our goals especially for busy entrepreneurs. Below is the acronym explained:

D = Delegate
E = Eliminate
S = Simplify

As we look at doing all the tasks we have to do each day what tasks can we eliminate completely, if we can not eliminate the completely can we simplify them and the big one for me can we delegate them?

Thanks Chris.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kruder396

Just discovered the Pomodoro Technique which is based on working exact 25 minute stints and taking regular breaks. I can definitely see some advantages with this although from my first few attempts I can say it is harder than you would first think. Link below to more details which includes excellent documentation.