Sound Test on the Blue Yeti

I am looking to record more sound on various projects so I just want to embed some sound tests to see what the difference is. Basic setup of Mac mini with a Blue Yeti microphone with simple pop screen

Soundcloud embed test

Youtube embed test

Clearly the sound quality on Soundcloud is better, bit too good really as it is picking up the smacks and crackles while Youtube is bit duller. Not surprising as Youtube is compressing video and sound to try and reduce bandwidth.

Please not there maybe affiliate links on the above products, and possibly other links on this site, which means that if you were to buy them from Amazon from those links I would get a few pennies although the price to you would be the same. I am not looking to drive traffic to the site to monetise but I am interested in affiliate links an how they work on websites so sometimes I test in posts.

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