Reflections on blogging everyday for a week

Today should be my 7th daily post in a row on this blog/ This does not sound like any great achievement but I have never blogged so consistently over a short period of time like this before so I thought on day 7, Valentine’s Day, it was worth reflecting on my week.

Although not a massive achievement my first solid week of blogging has included:

  • Blogging on my phone via the WordPress App as I was not in easy access to my computer. Special thanks to my Motorola Nexus 6 and the EE 4G network
  • Blogging with markdown language to make formatting easier. Especially useful when on the WordPress app
  • Using the Colemak keyboard layout

I have also done two of the blog posts while being in hospital with my son who has been unwell and I have stayed in with him. It would be great for the hospital to have WiFi to maximise BYOD for all but no doubt they are tied into their entertainment deal with their bed TV systems and they definitely wouldn’t want you access your own entertainment.

Anyway closing thoughts on my first 7 days:

  • It was a lot easier than I thought. I know my posts are not long or detailed but it still takes time and effort but not as much as I had thought.
  • I enjoyed it and have confirmed my idea; from Seth Godin, to write for myself even if no one is reading (which for the most part is true I think)
  • I will continue at least everyday and at key points reflect back on how it is going

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