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Open Source Accounts Software White Paper If Open Source Business Software for SME’s is currently a niche market then Open Source Accounting Software must be a super-niche market. Although uptake of Open Source Accounting Software is small (especially compared to a Sage or a Quickbooks) there may be many more businesses and organisations who could take advantage of solution that are available if there was a greater awareness the software and its possible benefits.

To try and explain the current market for accounting software and some of the possible benefits of open source I have drafted a white paper. Producing this white paper for download has also given me the opportunity to try out a few different ways to make a document available.

The document embedded below is using edocr, flickr for documents which is a start up from a team including Manoj Ranaweera. Manoj also kindly submitted the edocr link to Digg and to Stumpleupon.

As well as hosting and embedding the document on sites like edocr and scribd I have also made it available for download on the Outserve website where we are using the Docman an open source component for Joomla. Docman is a great Joomla component for managing downloads (and uploads) which has good functionality and even downloadable themes. If you want to require signup/login to get access to a download then docman combines with the standard Joomla site registration to give access control although may not be the slickest solution.

If the format is useful then I intend to write other white papers on other areas that I think require further investigation and explaination

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  1. martyn
    martyn says:

    I don’t believe FOSS use in small business should be niche – and in fact I would say that awareness is growing. Certainly the current economic conditions will mean businesses look closer at their IT costs.

    Regarding Accounting/ERP. Until there is a suite that addresses the UK specifically then I think you are correct – uptake will be slow.

    But, as you know Iam to change that …..


  2. martyn
    martyn says:

    Actually – take a look at the letters section in Linux Format issue 111 (page 17). There is a specific request for a review.

    I contacted the editor today to offer my services 😀


  3. Philip Oakley
    Philip Oakley says:

    Thanks Martyn. Just to mention the correction from Twitter it was Linux Format Issue 114 ( I thought I was going mad for a minute).

    Interesting that they felt it was ‘ a niche within a niche within a niche’ and not worth covering. I would strongly disagree with the fact that it is not worth covering. Accounting Software is a niche because so many people are not aware of the excellent solutions that are out there and if magazines like Linux Format are not going to cover accounting software then this will not help.

    Interestingly in the same issue they do a round up of personal finance/micro business accounts software.


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