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With the release of the latest version of WordPress 4.4 they have expanded their list of supported embeds. I love embeds such an easy way to show and share content from other platforms. More than ever WordPress can be your central content platform.

How to use supported embeds with WordPress 4.4

All of the standard supported embeds should work by just copying the URL of the web page (where the content is) into any WordPress page or post. The only requirements are that it needs to be on it’s own line and can not hyperlinked so this still allows for pasting links into text like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGbxmsDFVnE. A clean embed looks some thing like

Screen Shot

New embeds include:


Cloudup, now owned by Automattic the company behind WordPress.com, is a content sharing service that allows users to share many types of content including files, screenshots, videos and images. Cloudup can create a shareable stream of your content that you share. Any of your Cloudup shares can be embeded for the URL of the page, as below:

I am planning to use Cloudup a lot more in 2016 especially for screenshots and other content for blog posts. It just appears a great workflow for getting rich content into a blog. Using the Mac or Windows apps screenshots are automatically sent to Cloudup.

Reddit comments

Reddit the popular sharing and discussion site now allows you to embed comments as below:

How to embed Reddit comments on WordPress 4.4

Not quite as straight forward as some embeds and important to understand that this is just for one comment although you could embed a single comment thread using the Reddit embed code. A good explanation on the Reddit blog here

To embed a Reddit comment from the main discussion page find the single comment you would like to embed and click the permalink, as below, the url of this page copied into WordPress ost or page will embed the comment. For other options have a look at the embed link next to

Screenshot www reddit com 2015 12 31 06 50 09

Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is a similar site to Slideshare, but possibly prettier, to create embedable presentations like:


VideoPress is another Automattic owned service which hosts videos similar to YouTube but built specifically with WordPress in mind


Reverbnation is a site similar to Soundcloud but with a focus on music artists and you can embed any tracks that have been upadoaded there, like:

Unfortunately the Reverbnation embed appears to leave a lot of white space after the actual content in this format.


Some great additions added to an already long list but for me the Cloudup embed looks the one I will be using the most in 2016.

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