A quick video on setting a UK date format (dd/mm/yyyy) in Google Calendar. Also how to change the day of the week that is used for the first day in the calendar. by default Google calendar uses US stylr dates mm/dd/yyyy and starts the week on Sunday (where some people like the week to start on a Monday).

4 thoughts on “How to set Google Calendar to UK Date Format dd/mm/yyyy

    • Hi Susie.

      Thanks for your comment. Are you still see an America format on the top of the calendar? What are your country and language settings on General Calendar Settings?

      I did the same as the video for a client yesterday and it worked for me. Happy to try and help if you still have an issue.

      Kind regards

  1. I agree with Susie. It changes the date format used in the dialog for adding appointments, but the column heading in the calendar view still says, for example, Sun 6/14

  2. Correction – maybe it does work. I changed my preferred format to yyyy-mm-dd. That seems to get shortened to Sun 6/14 which I guess it Sun mm/dd. If I have the preferred format as dd/mm/yyyy then it shortens to dd/mm.

    It’s not what I want – but it’s bearable.

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