2 days 2 posts so still on track. Possibly a slight cheat as I have not gone to bed yet after day 1 post.

Last week I attended a creative thinking workshop with David Hall from the Ideas Centre Group. This was an introduction for me to see a session in action. David ran us through some practical techniques to problem solving including:

  • Breaking the problem down into contributing factors
  • Using wordplay and word associations to better understand the initial problem
  • Using superhero scenarios to solve problems
  • Using everday objects to solve problems (we used a Pot Noodle and a Stylophone)

What became clear to me is that as standard the human brain can sometimes not be very good at solving problems. This can be because too many of our decisions are based on the past or at least past knowledge. Forcing our brains to think in a completely different way using some of these techniques certainly helped us come up with more creative solutions.

This was just an introduction and I look forward to learning more including using Lego. This is a technique that David uses and is also covered in a book I am reading Building a Better Business with the Lego Series Play Method.

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