Disney has been both creative and successful since 1923 but in the last few years there most successful creative thinking appears to have been about acquisitions. As a creative strategy not a bad plan with Pixar winning the animation wars they acquired them in 2006 for $7.4 billion. This really was the best form of defence (even if this may have been a reverse take over by Steve Jobs).

Since then we have seen even more incredible acquisitions of Marvel (2009 for $4.24 billion) and Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise (2012 for $4.04 billion)

All of these acquisitions make complete sense as Disney needs a constant stream of characters for its theme parks and merchandise. Unbelievably the Marvel Universe has 8,000 characters and counting but still way less than the Star Wars Universe which has 17,000 characters as detailed in the Holocron, Now that’s a lot of lunch boxes and, of course, films, tv, cartoons etc etc.

But who has more figures than all of them put together, even if they are quite small figures even mini-figures. At the last count there will be more Lego mini-figures in the world than real people by 2017 and of course many of these are Star Wars and Marvel Lego mini Figures.

Not only is Lego Disney’s merchandise partner from heaven, high margin with unlimited new sets, for all characters and films (past, present and future) Lego has also become very successful with theme parks and now even cartoons and films. The Lego Movie was such a success that the only thing putting the Lego Movie 2 back to 2018 is the Lego Batman spinoff movie which should be out in 2017.

Lego is now the largest toy company in the world having overtaken Mattel in 2014 with a valuation well in excess $14.6 billion but that is still only a fraction of Disney’s $143 billion valuation. There would certainly be many more mini figures in the world.

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