Making Cool things with Microcontrollers Video

While at Mitch Altmans How to make cool things with Microcontrollers Workshop at the weekend I recorded quite a bit of video. I now need to cut most of this down in size and length. I have put a couple of these videos on youtube. They were taken with the incredibly inexpensive Kodak ZX1. The […]

Can 3.0 change the world?

Every day it seams a new version of someones favourite software is released somegreatphotosoftware version 5.5.5 or thebestmusicplayer version 1,1,01. Little excitement is seen around the world except by the group fanboys and girls of that product waiting for the latest and greatest, checking the new features list for whistles and bells like children crossing […]

Software freedom Day 2008 – This Saturday

This Saturday is Software Freedom Day (Worldwide). From The Software Freedom Website: Software Freedom Day is a global celebration and education of why transparent and sustainable technologies are now more important than ever. With over 200 teams in 60 countries participating, it is a fantastic event to get your schools and communities involved in. Go […]

Happy Birthday GNU – with Stephen Fry

Just found this post on Alan Lord’s blog The Open Sourcerer celebrating 25 years of GNU. The video is now on youtube (as below) but for the freedom fighters it is available in ogg vorbis format here which can be played on VLC the cross platform media player or as Alan quite rightly puts it: […]

SugarCRM CEO John Roberts on Floss Weekly Podcast

Floss Weekly is an excellent podcast from The Twit Network and Leo Laporte. Originally co-hosted with Chris DiBona it is now hosted with Randal Shwartz. It covers many different projects from the world of Free Libre Open Source Software but not usually open source business applications for enterprises. Until this week when it had John […]