The General Election 2015 – all the main parties on Twitter

After my post for all of the Twitter accounts for all of main party leaders I have put below a list of all of the main parties and their Twitter accounts: Liberal Democrat Party Tweets by @LibDems Conservative Party Tweets by @Conservatives Labour Party Tweets by @UKLabour Green Party Tweets by @TheGreenParty UKIP Party Tweets […]

The General Election 2015 – All the Main Party Leaders on Twitter

After following all of the main party leaders on the big ITV 7 way debate you may want to continue to follow then on twitter. Not much debate and more electioneering: Nick Click – Liberal Democrat Leader Tweets by @nick_clegg David Cameron – Conservative Leader Tweets by @David_Cameron Ed Milliband – Labour Leader Tweets by […]

What I learnt from the big ITV political debate

What I learnt from last nights big ITV political debate is that I do not like big TV political debates. For me they are actually quite boring and offer little in any substance to the key issues. Other thoughts: Clearly all leaders are very well media trained addressing cameras, audiences and referring to questioner’s names […]