With the Covid 19 lockdown digital collaboration tools have had a huge take up and I am not sure any have had such a huge increase of use than Microsoft Teams (OK maybe Zoom!). I also think Microsoft Teams has probably spent more on advertising than anyone else although many people already had the potential to access teams through an Office 365 subscription.

I have not used the Windows client for MS Teams and find the Mac client is not very intuitive but it is great to see there is an official teams client for Linux. Indeed there are two in the Linux Mint repository.

Does anyone have any much expereince of the difference between the different clients on Windows, Mac and even Linux?

Five (or more) role models and the characteristics that make them worthy of admiration and emulation


There are many writes that I admire but I below are my favourites:

  • Stephen King (Fantasy/Horror)
  • Isaac Asimov (Science Fiction)
  • Seth Godin 

Although I definitely love and admire all of there writing the thing I found most admirable is there dedication and and consistency. I believe all three are huge advocates of writing every day. I have read in their autobiographies that both Stephen King and Isaac Asimov wrote every morning usually starting early and finishing around midday. Seth Godin  has written many times, on his daily blog, about writing everyday. 

Like Charlie Engle mentioned below Stephen King has discussed his issues with drink and drugs and as has Charlie Engle has now been a long time sober. Sobriety and will power is an very admiral quality.


I could certainly mention the likes of Richard Branson and Steve Job who are of course hugely impressive and have undoubtedly changed the world but my list for role models would be:

  • Matt Mullenweg (Automattic CEO owner of WordPress)
  • Joel Spolsky (Founder of Fog Creek Software and creator of Trello)
  • Gerald Ratner (Previously head of Ratners Jewellers)
  • Michael Acton Smith (Moshi Monsters and the Calm App)


As I have become interested in running and I have read a few books by people who are normally not traditional athletes but show amazing dedication to training, taking part and completing their races. The stories are nearly always as much as a mental challenge as a physical:

  • Charlie Engle
  • Vasos Alexander

I am sure there are many others but I have not got round to reading their books yet!

Other inspiration

  • Ant Middleton

Characteristics I admire

  • Sobriety
  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Doing the hard thing
  • Bounce-back-ability (it’s a thing!) 
  • Dealing with failure
  • Focus on physical and mental health