Better late than never-

Google has finally started showing information from other parts of your Google world.

As I was searching for information on the Evernote Moleskine notebook I was offered results from my Google Account:

New option to search yur google account in Google search.
New option to search yur google account in Google search.

Once selected you will have a new ‘Personal tab’ showing information, as below. Currently, this works across Gmail and Google photos, which is great, but I would like to see more information in an all in one search.
personal results in search

Google + 2nd birthdayGoogle+ is celebrating its 2nd Birthday with some new profile buttons for profile and pages:

Have a little clear up on this blog as I want to test some of the Google+ features especially as Google are releasing new features all the time on the Google+ platform

I have removed most of the social sharing buttons from this site and will start to add Google+ options to see the functionality and track.

As an aside as looking at the Google+ options I came across the the Google+ profile button that you can add to your site. Grab your Google+ profile URL and pick your size and you can get the code to produce a button like: