Just found this post on Alan Lord’s blog The Open Sourcerer celebrating 25 years of GNU.

The video is now on youtube (as below) but for the freedom fighters it is available in ogg vorbis format here which can be played on VLC the cross platform media player or as Alan quite rightly puts it:

If you are one of those poor souls still using proprietary software, you might need to read this first. The video is encoded in Ogg, a free an un-patent encumbered format that is really free to use. Of course you could go and download a free operating system too and rid yourself of the shackles and chains which Stephen so eloquently describes.

Last Saturday my son Matthew and I attended a Stop Motion Workshop in Stafford. Using a Windows laptop with small camera and a piece of stop motion software Matthew put together a short clip of some Starwars figureses cut out of paper.

The video of all the clips from the workshop was made available on the following website but I have also uploaded it too youtube so I could link and embed it. Matthew’s clip is about half way through. If he ever becomes a famous film maker we can show this clip as his first short film.

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photo.jpg Finally I have started setting up my eee and am looking to get a good set up for blogging. I have done some quick google searches but have found no decent recommendations so I am posting this using scribefire a firefox plug in which appears very functional. I will also have a look at flock as that has a blogging client built in. 3rd party software for blogging appears one area where a mac has a lot more options than both linux and windows (marsedit springs to mind). I will also try posting directly into wordpress as the 2.5 version appears much improved.

Another url, another blog. I have been trying to rationalise my urls and blogs for sometime so to start I have got another url .org and another blog (go figure!). I have scrapped my last main blog site as it was just getting full of rubbish and plan to point all of my personal urls at this site.