Ecommerce SEO Tips Top 10 – Don’t use Standard Suppliers Product Descriptions

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is forever changing and it is certainly worth taking advice from expert SEO Consultants. From today I am starting a series of 10 quick basic tips to help you when you are selling goods and services online. If you have had an experience or thoughts on these please leave a comment. […]

Review of Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook

I have read quite a few books from PacktPub as they have range of books on Open Source Content Management Software a subject I am very passionate about. They also have many books on other technologies including many on open source software. I use the open source eCommerce platform Magento at work for clients and for […]

Extending Magento ecommerce for SEO and Social Media

Magento is an open source (or open core if you prefer) ecommerce systems. Similar to WordPress with plugins, the great blogging platform, Magento has an architecture that allows extensions. Extensions allow 3rd party developers to add functionality to the core system. Over on Magento Connect the official Magento extensions site there are over 3000 extensions […]