10 Reasons to use OpenOffice.org

There was much excitement around the release of OpenOffice.org 3.0 last month. Download servers were overloaded with the initial demand and many tech blog posts were written. But now the dust has settled it is a great time to look at some of the reasons that this version of the ever popular open source office […]

Open Source Encryption Software

I am giving a short workshop at the upcoming IAAITC’s Business Continuity and Risk Management Summit where I will be talking about open source security software. As I have only got a short time and I think it is quite topical I will be basing the workshop on open source encryption software. It appears that […]

Can OpenOffice.org 3.0 change the world?

Every day it seams a new version of someones favourite software is released somegreatphotosoftware version 5.5.5 or thebestmusicplayer version 1,1,01. Little excitement is seen around the world except by the group fanboys and girls of that product waiting for the latest and greatest, checking the new features list for whistles and bells like children crossing […]

Wiki Links for FLOSS Business Software

Good documentation can separate great software from good software. Documentation is an area where open source often beats proprietary solutions hands down. Often up to date and user friendly documentation for proprietary software does not exist, is not available or is restricted by software vendors or resellers for commercial gain. Many, but not all, open […]

SugarCRM CEO John Roberts on Floss Weekly Podcast

Floss Weekly is an excellent podcast from The Twit Network and Leo Laporte. Originally co-hosted with Chris DiBona it is now hosted with Randal Shwartz. It covers many different projects from the world of Free Libre Open Source Software but not usually open source business applications for enterprises. Until this week when it had John […]

John Locke – Open Source Solutions For SME’s

Great video with John Locke from Freelock Computing who has now started twittering. John wrote the book ‘Open Source Solutions for Small Business Problems’ and although it is a little out of date now it is still a fantastic book for anyone looking to understand the benefits of open source software. See a link to […]