Using Markdown for formatting a blog post from the WordPress app for Android

As I continue to look at efficient  blog writing I am always drawn to Markdown language Markdown allows you to create basic HTML  formatting without knowing HTML. Markdown is not supported by as standard but can be added via the Jetpack plugin (it is supported in An example of from the site […]

Mass Mailing for WordPress and Magento

photo credit: SC Fiasco Looking for an emailing solution for a newsletter or email campaign? MailChimp is an excellent mass mailing solution which also has a plugins for the WordPress blogging and content management system and Magento the open source e-commerce software. Links below to the two plugins: MailChimp WordPress Plugin | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog (tags: […]

WordPress Posts Sharing plugins

There are many ‘sharing’ plugins for WordPress to help readers submit posts to Twitter, Delicious and other similar sites. I was looking for a plugin that I could change the icons on and add larger ones for the LottyBox blog so the submit links would be nice and clear. The links below show what I […]

Blogging for Business Books

I am always interested in reading information and advise on business blogging and I came across this book on scribd which I thought was quite good (below). For people wanting more in depth and technical information (and want to use WordPress) I can really recommend WordPress for Business Bloggers by Paul Thewlis. Blogging for Business

Blog Action Day 15th October 2008

October 15th 2008 is Blog Action Day. The idea is is to raise awareness of world poverty through blogging, which think is a fantastic idea. I think we are still trying to understand the power of blogging and every year the blogging world changes so radically that I think we need to constantly re-assess its […]