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This is the WordPress blog of Philip Oakley from Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. I have a passion for all things tech including cross platform software especially open source software.

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  1. Hello Philip,

    Spotted my name on this blog, thought I’d say hello.

    People keep getting me mixed up with the lead singer of the Human League.

    All the best,

    Phil Oakley

    1. Hi Phil
      Good to hear from another Phil Oakley. Me too re Human league and its not true as his name was Phil Oakey no ‘l’ but there are even fan sites on the internet that spell his name wrong. Wikipedia even has a page for Phil Oakley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Oakley )which redirects to the Phil Oakey page as a mis-spelling.
      Thanks for getting in touch and sorry I have taken a lot of philoakley usernames on social media sites such as twitter etc.
      Take care and kind regards
      Phil Oakley (the one from Staffordshire not the leader singer of the Human League)

  2. Hi, another Philip Oakley.

    I’m in Scotland, but hail from Yorkshire, and I’m a broad based systems engineer [hardware/software/optics/…], so there is some overlap. I currently trying to get ‘git’ implemented on a project I’m on.


  3. Hi Philip (in Scotland)
    Great to hear from another Philip Oakley. I do not have a lot experience of git although I think there’s quite a learning curve – so best of luck.

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