Too Many Blogs?


I have setup and used many blogs with blogger, livejournal, tumblr, .mac etc. As much as I enjoy writing blog posts I like to play with the technology and see how the different services work. I had a main blog for a few years at a yahoo hosted wordpress blog. Due to work commitments became little more than my delicious tags being automatically posted everyday (not a great idea if you re not posting anything else).

As part of rationalising my blogs I have completely deleted and cancelled my hosting plan, which at 5.99 gave little value (sorry yahoo but I think you have bigger problems than that at the moment). I have also tried to streamline the blogs that are left, which are below and all running on the latest version of WordPress. – I intend to keep this as my personal blog to add my own personal comments on anything i feel is interesting although I am sure that that most of it will be tech related. I am not looking to put a lot of family stuff, photos etc as I have other placces for that. I also intend to use it as a space to test themes, plugins and widgets as thats what I like doing.
– A relatively new site where I wanted to talk about software that
could be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. I use all three platforms and
like to use software that can run on all 3 (e.g. Firefox). I find it useful to be using similar software across all machines and to be able to share files with the same format (e.g. OpenOffice).
I also think that using this software offers more freedom to the users
it does not lack you into one operating system provider and can
facilitate moving to another os e.g. windows to linux. Although it is
not a prerequisite a lot of the software will no doubt be free and open
source. – (Free Libre Open Source BUsiness Software) now one of my older blogs I set this blog up to do mini reviews of open source business software such as ERP, CRM, BI etc. I am looking to expand this site to include news and anything that is relevant to this topic.

EPSOutserve.jpgOutserve Blog – this is the company blog of my company Outserve Limited and I want this blog to just contain news and views relating to the company.

I have a few more domain names but will just look to point those as the existing blogs above. I am trying to keep the blogs to a sensible number (4 or less) but already have another 3 ideas for 3 more.

WordPress iphone app

A wordpress iPhone app has now been released to what appears to be mixed reviews. I am testing this by posting from the middle of cannock chase so if this us successful then I will be happy with the app because this would me very difficult to do over the web over a slow connection.

The photo insert option does not appear clear but I think it will post it at the bottom of this post. Hopefully it will show the view from where I am sitting.

Links and video added after initial post from iphone:

WordPress 2.6

I have now upgraded to WordPress 2.6 on most of my blogs. Some cool new features, I particular like the new options on images to reduce by a %. Great plugin for automatic upgrades here. The video supplied from WordPress is below showing some of the new features: