LinkedIn 9 Minutes a Day Campaign to help build your profile

LinkedIn has started a great little campaign with a 9 minutes a day plan for getting the most from the ever popular professional social network. To help you plan your 9 minutes a day LinkedIn has summarised all the activities which you can drag and drop on to the on screen calendar. These calendar events […]

New Staffordshire Marketing Academy Podcasts on UKNetcasts

As part of the build up of the next Staffordshire Marketing Academy (Staffs MA) event Action for Business Live 3 on 30 March 2012 I have recorded a series of podcast interviews with the members of StaffsMA to find out what makes them passionate about StaffsMA and business in Staffordshire. The podcast is available on […]

Mass Mailing for WordPress and Magento

photo credit: SC Fiasco Looking for an¬†emailing solution for a newsletter or email campaign?¬†MailChimp is an excellent mass mailing solution which also has a plugins for the WordPress blogging and content management system and Magento the open source e-commerce software. Links below to the two plugins: MailChimp WordPress Plugin | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog (tags: […]