IPhone (2.0) apps

Finally with the release of the iPhone 2.0 software the much discussed App Store was open for business. If Friendfeed and Twitter are anything to go by the release did not go smoothly for everyone (iBrick jokes were common).

It took me a few attempts with the obviously overworked Apple server (have they not heard of amazon scalable web services) to update my iPhone but once done I could add apps from iTunes or direct from the iPhone. Before today I had a short list of what I wanted. Which were:

  1. ebay client
  2. WordPress app (for blogging)
  3. RSS reader
  4. Todo list (I really wanted a client for Remember the milk)
  5. Delicious app – not sure how it would work
  6. Twitter app

I have not done too badly although I have not found the ebay app yet, no Delicious app and no Remember the Milk app (there us a web app). At least the WordPress app should be here soon.

The apps I have installed are

  1. Twitterrific – great free (with sponsorship) Twitter client
  2. NetNewsWire RSS reader – Looks interesting
  3. ereader client very slick
  4. Facebook client
  5. Paypal
  6. Phonesaber – a must for all iphone owners

I am amazed with the number of games that are availble although it has always been an area neglected by Apple. Monkeyball looks great and also Crash Bandikoot.

Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone! (iPhone SDK)

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart Iphone

The one area which I will follow with some interest is business
applications. With the iPhone now supporting Exchange Server I expect
that many units will be shipped to business users. No surprise to see
Salesforce getting an app on there straight away but I was surprised to
see an Oracle app on there. Hopefully we will see many more business
applications on there in the new future.

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