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Different sorts of poo..smiley poo :hankey:

I have recently started using Slack a lot more (as part of my mission to remove email).

A funny thing it highlighted to me when looking at the settings are all the slight variations of emoji’s and hence slight variations of emoji poo of course:

Different sorts of emoji

Different standards of many formats have been causing issues in IT, and all technology, for a long time from document formats to the VHS/Betamax war (nobody cares who won that anymore).

So why do I care?

With the success of mobile phones especially Android and iPhone mobile communication and the mobile web it is important that we there is consistency across all platforms. If Android and IOS support emoji’s the so should the rest of the web. With WordPress making up more than 20% of all of the worlds website and the mobile responsive web growing even faster consistent emoji support is important. If WordPress is to be the operating system of the web it needs to support standard formats.

So in comes Twitter and Open Source there set of emoji’s which are now supported by Emoji support will be coming to soon through the Jetpack plugin

Adding emoji’s on mobiles can be easy but not so easy on Desktops but try the following:
– Mac users on Mavericks or newer can insert emoji by tapping Command + Control + Space while in a text editor.
– Windows users on version 8 or newer have a special touch keyboard with emoji support (see instructions with pictures).
– Windows users on version 7 and below can copy/paste emoji from this cheat sheet.

Become more efficient type Colemak or Dvorak

This blog post has taken me a lot longer to type because I am not typing on a qwerty keyboard.

It’s well know that the qwerty keyboard was designed not to be efficient for typing but to stop the old mechanical typewriters jamming.

The Dvorak keyboard quite well known as an alternative keyboard and Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic is famous user and promoter of Dvork although he has said that he would probably go for Colemak if he was to start again. So I am giving it a go.

I have ordered my colmak stickers on ebay although currently I am using this Colemak printout.

For more information on Colemak see

Or maybe this is the future:

Say thank you every day

I blogged about Chris Williams Goal Setting course recently and another habit he shared with us with how he shows gratitude daily.

Chris sends a written thank you card and sends in the post every day to someone who has helped him or who has become a customer.

Inspired by this I sent Chris a thank you card and tweeted me as below:

Chris Williams on Twitter

New Staffordshire Marketing Academy Podcasts on UKNetcasts

As part of the build up of the next Staffordshire Marketing Academy (Staffs MA) event Action for Business Live 3 on 30 March 2012 I have recorded a series of podcast interviews with the members of StaffsMA to find out what makes them passionate about StaffsMA and business in Staffordshire.

The podcast is available on iTunes (and other podcatchers) but all of the latest interviews are also available embedded on the individual post on UKNetcasts:

StaffsMA interview with Nicola Green at Cyberzia
StaffsMA interview with John Capper
StaffsMA interview with Caroline Law
StaffsMA interview with Damian Brittleton Revive Creative

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