Blogging on an eee

photo.jpg Finally I have started setting up my eee and am looking to get a good set up for blogging. I have done some quick google searches but have found no decent recommendations so I am posting this using scribefire a firefox plug in which appears very functional. I will also have a look at flock as that has a blogging client built in. 3rd party software for blogging appears one area where a mac has a lot more options than both linux and windows (marsedit springs to mind). I will also try posting directly into wordpress as the 2.5 version appears much improved.

Another blog!

Another url, another blog. I have been trying to rationalise my urls and blogs for sometime so to start I have got another url .org and another blog (go figure!). I have scrapped my last main blog site as it was just getting full of rubbish and plan to point all of my personal urls at this site.