Your LinkedIn Journey as a Slideshare Presentation

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LinkedIn purchased Slideshare sometime ago and since then we have seen increased integration including embedding slideshares on your LinkedIn profile. This close relationships continues with this latest integration. Slideshare can now create a presentation of your LinkedIn profile. This presentation is a little different to the usual powerpoint. As well as the taller format you can also cursor down and across the presentation. As an example see mine below:

My Three Words for 2014 (quick version)

focusI recently attended an event with Rob Brown, the well known expert on referral marketing, who introduced me to the idea of picking three words to focus your year,

The idea is from Chris Brogan’s blog where he has been picking his own words and encouraging others to do so as well for many years.

Rob supplied us with a fantastic list of words although of course you could pick any. My final selection is

  1. Focus
  2. Team
  3. Leverage

This is just a quick post to get the words written down and I will be writing more in 2014 on each word and what it means to me and my goals in 2014

Embedding Spotify on WordPress

With the release of the latest version of WordPress 3.6 have increased the media that you can embed on your site from 3rd party services including music sites Spotify and rdio. WordPress supports the oEmbed format although at first glance it is looks easy to embed on a WordPress site that are a few things that caught me out.

First as the instructions say a url for the embed needs to be put on it’s own line. This needs to be in the visual editor (I normally prefer to use the text editor). Also you need to post the url without a link. When you copy the link from Spotify it pastes the title of the track with a link to the url so you need to edit the link and copy the actual url out  into the test editor.

To get the URL for spotify right Click on any track and you shoud see three options:

Embed Spotify on WordPress

When you past the the HTTP Link you will get the title

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun which contains the link which when posted on its own line will embed as below

When you past the the Spotify url you will get the title

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun which contains the link e.g spotify:track:7acHFntM5UgPUQ6jC06J9Q which will not embed even on its own line.


I have also used the option copy the embed code and pasted this into the text box of a WordPress editor. The code looks something like this:

<br /><br />
<iframe src=" uri=spotify:user:bbcnowplaying6music:playlist:77NF6x0LO78meAEtSGUzuc" height="380" width="300" frameborder="0"></iframe><br /><br />



This code should then provide a box similar to below (although for me this does not show in preview only when updated live to my site)

You can also embed Spotify playlists in exactly the same way:

You can also embed Rdio in a similar way from the share button which offers embed details:


Post the URL from the share box on a line on it’s own in the visual editor box and you will get the embed automatically

Just let if you had add the iframe code

New Google+ Profile buttons on it’s 2nd Birthday

Google + 2nd birthdayGoogle+ is celebrating its 2nd Birthday with some new profile buttons for profile and pages:

SPEED Plus Presentations Slides and Links

I gave a presentation this weekend for SPEED Plus at the very nice Warwick Conference Centre

I particularly like this video which has some great headline statistics and facts:

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The presentation promotes the Socialnomincs book by Eric Qualman – Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business

I have put the slides on Slideshare and have embedded below:

Also some quick guides that I mentioned:

Twitter Quick Tips Guide

Social Media Tips

Export your contacts out of Linkedin

A feature that many Linkedin users do not often use (or maybe even know about) is exporting their contacts out. With more and more of us having many contacts in Linkedin the export function is a great feature not only for creating a backup of our contacts but also to transfer or update our contacts in other systems. The file can be used to update contact manager or CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Follow these simple steps to get a CSV file that you can open in a spreadsheet or text editor

1. Select your contacts list from the Linkedin Menu (once you have logged in of course):

Export Linkedin Contacts

2. Scroll Down the screen to the bottom right and click the link called ‘Export Connections':

Export Linkedin Data

3. A list of file formats are available but the Outlook format should be fine to get the information out into a reasonable file that you can keep or import to many other systems.

Export Linkedin in to a file