Different sorts of poo..smiley poo :hankey:

I have recently started using Slack a lot more (as part of my mission to remove email).

A funny thing it highlighted to me when looking at the settings are all the slight variations of emoji’s and hence slight variations of emoji poo of course:

Different sorts of emoji

Different standards of many formats have been causing issues in IT, and all technology, for a long time from document formats to the VHS/Betamax war (nobody cares who won that anymore).

So why do I care?

With the success of mobile phones especially Android and iPhone mobile communication and the mobile web it is important that we there is consistency across all platforms. If Android and IOS support emoji’s the so should the rest of the web. With WordPress making up more than 20% of all of the worlds website and the mobile responsive web growing even faster consistent emoji support is important. If WordPress is to be the operating system of the web it needs to support standard formats.

So in comes Twitter and Open Source there set of emoji’s which are now supported by WordPress.com. Emoji support will be coming to WordPress.org soon through the Jetpack plugin

Adding emoji’s on mobiles can be easy but not so easy on Desktops but try the following:
– Mac users on Mavericks or newer can insert emoji by tapping Command + Control + Space while in a text editor.
– Windows users on version 8 or newer have a special touch keyboard with emoji support (see instructions with pictures).
– Windows users on version 7 and below can copy/paste emoji from this cheat sheet.

Twitter release official WordPress plugin

In the last couple of weeks I have stripped this site down to the minimum in both theme and plugins. Just a bit of spring cleaning really and allows me to look at adding things as I need them or want to test them. I had nearly 40 plugins installed and activated and have stripped this back to an essential 6 or 7. As this is my personal site and blog I have often used it to test different things, hence so many plugins.

Twitter has just launched there official WordPress plugin so as a Twitter user I am interested to try this out so will initially test here.

Sound Test on the Blue Yeti

I am looking to record more sound on various projects so I just want to embed some sound tests to see what the difference is. Basic setup of Mac mini with a Blue Yeti microphone with simple pop screen

Soundcloud embed test

Youtube embed test

Clearly the sound quality on Soundcloud is better, bit too good really as it is picking up the smacks and crackles while Youtube is bit duller. Not surprising as Youtube is compressing video and sound to try and reduce bandwidth.

Please not there maybe affiliate links on the above products, and possibly other links on this site, which means that if you were to buy them from Amazon from those links I would get a few pennies although the price to you would be the same. I am not looking to drive traffic to the site to monetise but I am interested in affiliate links an how they work on websites so sometimes I test in posts.

What software I install on a Mac Mini

I have been using a Chromebook for my main machine for about 6 months. In this time I have ‘installed’ many Chrome extensions and even more Chrome apps but not actually installed any separate application software and on the whole, got general day to day, computing I have not missed any software in particular.

I have just setup a Mac mini in my office so I was interested to see what software I installed when I had a blank machine especially after not using much software except a browser:

What have I installed on the Mac mini so far:

Google Chrome – of course my first install was the best browser in the world and once I logged in with my Google account it installed all my extensions and apps
Kindle – not sure why, not planning on reading many books from my monitor but I was interested to see what functionality there was on the software and see what it showed for book notes
Logitech Webcam software

Internet connection of over 100mbs #GoSuperfast

With a new Mac Mini in the office running gigabit ethernet (up to 100mbs) and hard wired into the network for the first time I recorded download speed of over 100mbs, between 108mbs and 115mbs. Not that’s #superfast. BT Infinity offer speeds of up to 100mbs and Virgin, my provider offer packages with up to 152mbs.

UK Government has the ambition to provide superfast broadband (speeds of 24Mbps or more) for at least 95% of UK premises and universal access to basic broadband (speeds of at least 2Mbps) by the end of 2014